Enterprise security professionals are well aware that attackers are rapidly gaining an advantage. Security teams are constantly scrambling to stay ahead of the next complex, large-scale campaign often targeted at specific organizations. Adversaries have fine-tuned their tools to such an extent that only 12 to 15 toolkits are responsible for generating millions of unique malware samples.
Organizations are coming to the realization that a collaborative, proactive threat defense is absolutely essential for an effective defense. Security operations and threat/incident management starts with a solid understanding of who the adversaries are, what tactics they use, indicators of compromise (IoCs), which surfaces are at risk, and, potentially, motivations behind the attack. And that’s where high-quality, actionable threat intelligence comes into play for protection, detection, analysis, and containment.

In this Solution Brief understand the key the benefits of Cloud Intelligence:
• Broad set of threat visibility
• Integrated timely response
• Affordable and accessible intelligence