While machine learning can detect patterns hidden in the data at rapid speeds, the less obvious value of machine learning is providing enough automation to allow humans the time and focus to initiate creative responses when responses are less obvious.

In relation to cybersecurity, machine learning has been changing the game as a means of managing the massive amounts of data within corporate environments. However, machine learning lacks the innately human ability to creatively solve problems and intellectually analyze events. It has been said time and again that people are a company’s greatest asset. In this Pathfinder Report, learn about the key technical and use-case attributes of machine learning to evaluate the capability and fit for your organization.

Topics covered include:

• Machine learning means security teams are better informed and therefore empowered to make better decisions.
• Adversaries are human, continuously introducing new techniques that can overwhelm manual security oversight.
• Machine learning becomes more accurate as more data is available to feed its algorithms.
• IT teams need help analyzing faults.
• Human-machine teaming makes for sustainable endpoint security.