The Machines Are Coming! The Machines Are Coming!

For security to be truly effective, we need to deliver solutions in which humans and machines work together to fend off cyberattacks that can multiply and adapt in microseconds.
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Women In Security: What Are You Missing?

For security jobs, men outnumber women by a long shot. It's time to start thinking and recruiting differently.
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Looking Forward: A Skilled Security Talent Shortage Looms

The skilled security workforce crisis will continue for the foreseeable future, even as expert systems are deployed.
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Security Innovation: Driven By Necessity, Fueled By Interaction

To get ahead of the bad guys, we need to come up with new ways to transform our security solutions from reactive to proactive and predictive.
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Why InfoSec Pros Should Keep A Close Eye On Cyber Efficiency

Organizations that invest in ensuring their infrastructure becomes more streamlined, automated, resilient, sprawl-reducing, and focused will stay ahead and enjoy the most important results.
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Encryption Is Just One Piece of the Security Puzzle

Information security is never a “set it and forget it” proposition. Encryption is no exception.
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Breach Disclosure Laws Can Give You a Headache; Here’s How to Cope

If you need more good reasons to convince your CEO to invest in security, start with the many and varied rules governing disclosure requirements in case of a breach.
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Selling Security Awareness: How to Woo the C-Suite

Executives are increasingly concerned about their organizations’ ability to withstand a cyberattack. CSOs must keep them informed about risks, while reassuring them that corporate assets are safe.
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Global Security Management Made Easier for Leading IT Service Provider

Learn why after researching endpoint protection options, CSC turned to Intel Security solutions for a unified security platform with easy-to-use, centralized management.
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Boston Medical Center Finds Security Integration With Intel

Learn how BMC partnered with McAfee to consolidate their portfolio of tools to build a single, integrated security environment.
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