What can Blockchain Do For Cybersecurity?

You can tell when a technology has reached its peak hype potential when things just start to get silly.  In the blockchain world, this is evidenced by athletes, artists and other public personalities…
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McAfee Helps You Commit to the Cloud with Confidence

Hybrid environments—whether they are private clouds bridging to public clouds or traditional data centers bridging to public clouds—have become the de facto service architecture for most enterpris…
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Preparing for GDPR in 2017, Part 2: Creating a Culture of Privacy and Security by Design

Don’t think about the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in terms of fines. Think about creating a culture of privacy and security by design.
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Preparing for GDPR in 2017, Part 3: Top Questions to Ask Your Cloud Providers

Thinking about moving applications to the cloud? If you are – and what business isn’t – have you considered the impact of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on those plans?
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Preparing for GDPR in 2017, Part 4: Your SOC

One of the key requirements under the new General Data Protection Regulation is breach reporting. Of course, to report a breach implies you have the capability to detect a data breach – and that’s not always easy.
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New Variant of Petya Ransomware Spreading Like Wildfire

The world woke up today to another ransomware outbreak wreaking havoc throughout companies’ networks. This time, the family causing the fuss is Ransomware Petya, a nasty variant that encrypts files …
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Petya Ransomware: How McAfee Can Help

A new variant of the ransomware Petya (also called Petrwrap) began spreading around the world on June 27. Petya is ransomware that exploits the vulnerability CVE-2017-0144 in Microsoft’s implementat…
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Risk Assessment for Local Governments and SMBs

Next week, I am scheduled for a semi-annual risk assessment with my dentist. He performs a very specific, highly focused type of risk assessment that is totally worth the $125 it will cost. In additio…
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CIOs: You Need to Have the Cloud Talk With Your Staff

CIOs, it is time to have a frank and open discussion with your staff. This conversation may be difficult or awkward, as it involves topics such as consent, privacy, and appropriate protection. Yes, yo…
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Why Migrate to McAfee ENS?

See what other McAfee customers say below about why they migrated their endpoint protection to McAfee ENS and what types of benefits they are experiencing. Their main reasons for migrating vary but ge…
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