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McAfee ePO manages endpoint security. It provides a comprehensive, though not complicated, layout which serves as an excellent roadmap to all of the functional product areas, such as policy management…
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Atrius Health: Reducing Operational Costs and Combating Ransomware

The largest independent physician-led healthcare organization in the northeastern US has significantly strengthened its ability to quickly protect, detect, and correct when facing cyberthreats. &nb…
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The Why, the What and the How of the Software-Defined Data Center: Executive Summary

Our research found that the vast majority of servers are already running virtualized today, while roughly one-half of organizations are either planning to transform their data center(s) into SDDCs or …
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Case Study: City of Gothenburg

By implementing McAfee® Endpoint Security and McAfee Management for Optimized Virtual Environments AntiVirus (McAfee MOVE AntiVirus), this Northern European city is proactively blocking ransomware an…
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Groundbreaking Threat Intelligence Advancements from McAfee Labs

Enterprise security professionals are well aware that attackers are rapidly gaining an advantage. Security teams are constantly scrambling to stay ahead of the next complex, large-scale campaign often…
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User and Entity Behavior Analytics for McAfee Enterprise Security Manager

User and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) applies a variety of advanced technologies to track and flag suspicious or malicious behavior. Analytics initially centered on user activities but quickly exp…
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6 Steps to Mastering Modern Endpoint Protection

Organizations have added layer after layer of defense to stay ahead of the latest cyberattacks. In theory, they should be better protected. Instead, security teams are drowning in tools and interfaces…
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IDC Expert ROI Spotlight Case Study: U.S. Bank Minimizes Security Risk with McAfee Security

A 98% reduction in lost productivity due to faster resolution of security threats from McAfee integrated threat solution allows US bank to achieve payback in 20 months.
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Busting the Myth of the Malware Silver Bullet

Unlike security strategies based on isolated point products, our dynamic endpoint threat defense solution combines multiple layers of protection to make threat management simpler, faster, and more eff…
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UEBA for McAfee Enterprise Security Manager

UEBA provides added visibility within SIEM for compliance and user monitoring, improving security alerts, and more insightful investigations. Today’s most advanced security operations use the techno…
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