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Pervasive Data Protection: Kick the Quick-Fix Habit and Go for a Unified Defense

The cloud is here to stay—and no one in the enterprise playing field would argue that point. Cloud adoption across nearly every business unit is a reality that CISOs have fully accepted. Now the big…
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Real-World Data Protection Techniques

While some security tools focus on malware to thwart attackers, this paper is focused on the data, so that you can prevent loss by leveraging advanced defense methodologies.
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Health Warning: Cyberattacks are Targeting the Health Care Industry

This research report is about theft in the health care industry. Specifically, we will describe the marketplace for stolen health care industry data and examine the motivations for its theft.
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Do You Know Where Your Data Is?

The Portland (Maine) International Jetport recently said it lost or misplaced a USB drive containing the personal information, including Social Security numbers, of 950 employees. In January 2016, …
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Is Data Leaking Out on Your Watch?

What you need to know about data exfiltration.
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Encryption Is Just One Piece of the Security Puzzle

Information security is never a “set it and forget it” proposition. Encryption is no exception.
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Breach Disclosure Laws Can Give You a Headache; Here’s How to Cope

If you need more good reasons to convince your CEO to invest in security, start with the many and varied rules governing disclosure requirements in case of a breach.
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When Visibility is Not Enough: Taking Control of Your Data

Visibility is an essential element to any security framework, but organizations also must focus on stopping critical data from leaving the enterprise. Resourceful security professionals are becoming more vigilant and innovative in controlling unauthorized access to and theft of data. Organizations should look for tools that can properly protect against data exfiltration.
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Selling Security Awareness: How to Woo the C-Suite

Executives are increasingly concerned about their organizations’ ability to withstand a cyberattack. CSOs must keep them informed about risks, while reassuring them that corporate assets are safe.
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