Endpoint Security

Become a Modern Endpoint Security Master

A new wave of advanced, targeted malware is seeking out the gaps in conventional endpoint defenses and finding novel ways to exploit them. These attacks use packing, encryption, and polymorphism to ma…
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Mac OS malware saw a 744% increase in 2016

Many organizations fail to properly interpret IT security threat data or to share threat intelligence, and are unable to turn that data into actionable insights. 
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SC Magazine Product Review

McAfee ePO manages endpoint security. It provides a comprehensive, though not complicated, layout which serves as an excellent roadmap to all of the functional product areas, such as policy management…
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Petya Ransomware: How McAfee Can Help

A new variant of the ransomware Petya (also called Petrwrap) began spreading around the world on June 27. Petya is ransomware that exploits the vulnerability CVE-2017-0144 in Microsoft’s implementat…
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